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Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder


From the moment you lower yourself into the snug seats in the cockpit you realise that this special edition Gallardo is very special indeed. The howl of the V10 on song and the flamboyant exterior serve to make this the peacock of the motoring world but this beast is by no means 'all show' - it has heart and has outrageous power. The four wheel drive system gives you added confidence as it manfully copes with the 510bhp and the breathtaking acceleration. A wonderfully exciting car for both those who wish to be noticed and those who thrive on the thrill of raw horsepower on the open road.



Engine Type:            5.0 Litre V10

Horsepower:             520bhp@7800rpm

Torque:                   376.2lb-ft@4500rpm

Acceleration 0-60:     4.1 s

Wheel Base:             100.8 inches

Top Speed:              190.8 mph

Weight:                   3461 lbs